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I head up the GIS team at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. I’m based at our HQ in Sandy and also at the David Attenborough Building. My interests are in how we can use Earth Observation to monitor key sites for biodiversity. I am also interested in the field of machine learning in particular computer vision and all things spatial. Read more

I am an Arctic ecologist and geographer. My Masters work was on development of predictive habitat models in light of potential oil development and my PhD research (with Dr. Gareth Rees at SPRI) was on potential impacts of climate change on reindeer in the Barents regions. I now work in global conservation at UNEP-WCMC where I am Deputy Head of the Science Programme. Read more

Thomas is interested in working at the nexus of earth observation data, historic museum research and citizen science to understand species’ ecological niches, habitats and global ecosystem change. In addition to his role as Senior GIS Analyst with the RSPB, Thomas is Chair of the Cambridge Conservation Forum GIS Group, Community Manager of the WILDLABS.NET GIS Group. Read more

My doctoral and post-doctoral work in the Forest Ecology and Conservation Group at Cambridge focused on the application of airborne lidar to study the structure, composition and ecosystem services (habitat quality, carbon storage) of woodlands in southern Iberia. This has led to a broader interest in remotely-sensed vegetation structural indicators of biodiversity. Read more