Tom Spencer

Tom Spencer
Department of Geography
Cambridge Coastal Research Unit

Tom Spencer is Professor of Coastal Dynamics and Director of Research, Department of Geography. He is Director of the Cambridge Coastal Research Unit (CCRU) which focusses on the role coastal ecosystems play in i) hazard regulation (through wave energy dissipation); ii) climate regulation (through carbon sequestration); and iii) disaster risk reduction. Tom’s own research on ‘biosedimentary systems’ (sand dunes, saltmarshes, seagrasses, mangrove forests and coral reefs) blends field monitoring, laboratory experimentation, database mining and numerical modelling. Regional interests include shallow marine ecosystems in SE Asia, the Caribbean Sea and the western Indian Ocean; Venice lagoon; and particularly the UK east coast. He is interested in providing validation / calibration services for remote sensing outputs, and working alongside EO specialists to develop sensors, algorithms, and applications for the coastal zone.

Selected publications
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doi: 10.1002/esp.4614
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doi: 10.3354/meps09779
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