Toby Jackson

Toby Jackson
Twitter: Toby_D_Jackson
Department of Plant Science

I am a postdoc in the Forest Ecology and Conservation group, based in the Cambridge Conservation Initiative and the Plant Sciences department. My work uses repeat airborne LiDAR to monitor the growth and mortality of tropical trees over time. I am particularly interested in the role of wind as a driver of tree mortality and as an inhibitor of tree growth. My current project is focused on Malaysia, French Guiana and Puerto Rico, estimating the importance of wind in the forest carbon cycle. I also work with terrestrial LiDAR data to map the detailed 3D architecture of trees and test how this shapes their response to wind loading.

Selected publications:
Jackson, T., et al. (2019) Finite element analysis of trees in the wind based on terrestrial laser scanning data. Agriculture and Forest meteorology.
Jackson, T., et al. (2019) An architectural understanding of natural sway frequencies in trees. Royal Society Interface.
Shenkin, A., et al. (2019), The world’s tallest tropical tree in three dimensions. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change.