Neil Arnold

Neil Arnold
Scott Polar Research Institute

Neil Arnold is the Interim Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute. His research interests focus, in the broadest sense, on glacier hydrology; that is the range of systems which carry water within and at the bed of ice sheets and glaciers. Glacier hydrology is one of the fundamental controls on the velocity of ice masses, and hence their possible responses to climate change. His research interests range from small-scale energy balance variations over valley glaciers in the Alps, Svalbard and the Himalaya; the routing of the resulting meltwater over the glacier surface and into the subglacial drainage system; the large-scale variability of ice sheets during the late Quaternary; on the occurrence, behaviour and impact of supraglacial lakes on the Greenland Ice Sheet, and on Antarctic Ice Shelves; and also the possible occurrence of subglacial water on Mars in the recent past, and potentially, at the present day. The main technique used in these investigations is the development of numerical models of the processes involved, together the use airborne- and satellite-derived remotely sensed data, and data obtained from field work, as input data to drive the models, to provide boundary conditions for the models, and for model calibration and evaluation.

Selected recent publications:

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Arnold, N., 2019. A New Model for Esker Formation Sheds Light on the Processes Within Subglacial Tunnels. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, v. 124, p.700-704. doi:10.1029/2019JF005001.

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