Matt Davey

Matt Davey
Department of Plant Sciences
SAMS, Scotland

Matt Davey is an algal physiologist and ecologist senior research associate at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge and a senior lecturer in algal biotechnology at SAMS, Scotland. His key interests are in understanding the diversity of metabolism in natural ecosystems and controlled environments and how such knowledge can be translated for innovation purposes by collaborating with industrial partners involved in biotechnology, bioenergy and natural high value products. He has carried out research and supervision on a wide range of algal topics from the ecology of snow algae in Antarctica, using algae for bioenergy, bioremediation, pigments and food production on earth across all continents to exploiting algae to help astronauts on long term space missions. Specifically, he uses remote sensing to detect polar algae blooms.

Recent Remote Sensing Publication

Gray A, Krolikowski M, Fretwell P, Convey P, Peck LS, Mendelova M, Smith AG, Davey MP. 2020. Remote sensing reveals Antarctic green snow algae as important terrestrial carbon sink. Nature Communications.

Nunes M, Davey MP, Coomes D. 2017. On the challenges of using field spectroscopy to measure the impact of soil type on leaf traits. Biogeosciences. 14: 3371-3385