Hannah Cubaynes

Hannah Cubaynes
hanbay24@bas.ac.uk /hcc57@cam.ac.uk
British Antarctic Survey/Scott Polar Research Institute, Department of Geography

I am currently a PhD student working on a joint project, “Whales from Space”, with the British Antarctic Survey and the Scott Polar Research Institute. The aim is to assess the feasibility of using very high resolution satellite images to study baleen whales. I am also interested in the applications of this technology to other wildlife and their habitat. 

Cubaynes, H.C., Fretwell, P.T., Bamford, C. Gerrish L., J.A. Jackson. 2018. Whales from space: Four mysticete species described using new VHR satellite imagery. Marine Mammal Science, 00(00): 1-26 
doi: 10.1111/mms.12544