Ben Evans

Ben Evans
Status: Postdoc
Department: Geography
Thematic research group: Biogeography and Biogeomophology
Research Group: Cambridge Coastal Research Unit

Ben’s research focuses on the coastal zone, particularly the elucidation of biophysical processes within salt marsh ecosystems and how understanding of these can be used to improve our prediction of future ecosystem service provision, including coastal risk mitigation. He is currently working with the Cambridge Coastal Research Unit as part of the NERC RESIST-UK project (‘Response of Ecologically-mediated Shallow Intertidal Shores and their Transitions to extreme hydrodynamic forcing in UK settings’). He has particular interests in data-driven modelling of coastal change and relies heavily on Earth observation as a central data-stream for assessing dynamics at the land-sea interface.

Dynamics of salt marsh margins are related to their three‐dimensional functional form
Coupling between tidal mudflats and salt marshes affects marsh morphology
Quantifying Bed Level Change at the Transition of Tidal Flat and Salt Marsh: Can We Understand the Lateral Location of the Marsh Edge?
Southern North Sea storm surge event of 5 December 2013: Water levels, waves and coastal impacts